Friday, December 5, 2008

Almost 80... Like, Really Almost.

There it is. Level 80 sitting just ahead, a simple 129xp before I reach it. I was going to level last night before I went to bed but I decided not to. I want to do something interesting for this, my final ding (until we get another expansion or something anyway). The timing just didn't feel right, there weren't any guild members online and honestly I didn't want level 80 to come off of some random Scourge mob. The problem is that I can't think of how I want to ding 80.

My first thought was doing it by running through the gates of an Alliance city, discovering the territory and leveling. Then I remembered that I've already discovered the major cities in the Black War Bear mount raid. Scratch that. There were suggestions about timing the level with an achievement for a super double ding, but the reality is that I couldn't time that right now if I wanted, basically anything is going to cause me to level.

At this point it looks like I'm going to just head to Icecrown and fly as high as I can. Once I've reach the top of the sky I'll point myself towards the Scourge armies and start flying. Upon reaching the back corners of the Lich King's domain I'll ding level 80 and hopefully get a nice screenshot to go along with it.

If anyone reads this and has a suggestion you've got about four hours before I long on and do it. Give me an idea, please...

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Herc said...

Advance Gratz!

That is a tough one. You can do the cooking daily so when you turn it in your at Dalaran =P.

I leveled by discovering an area >_> wasn't expecting it all so it caught me offguard.