Sunday, December 7, 2008

Funeral - Savior of The Meek

It's normally against my gaming style, not to mention the nature of my in game character, to really care about the NPC's I deal with in the game. I traditionally take a mercenary approach to things, pay me to perform a service of collecting something or killing your enemies and I'll get the job done. As a Forsaken mage wielding the power of the elements at my finger tips the petty squabbles of the scattered tribes I interact with are below me... all except those poor little Oracles.

As I ran around Sholazar Basin attempting to free the captured Oracles I was actually mad. These little guys are the most pathetic and adorable creatures I've come across. My heart was almost broken every time I was unable to rescue on of them from their horrible fate. The cries of pain and sadness coming from them was enough to get a few beats from my black rotting heart.

I don't understand it either little guy... no you didn't do anything bad. Don't worry, the scary corpse of a mage is here to save you.

Aside from carrying out my own Bronson-esque style revenge on those jerks hurting the Oracles I've been busy getting rep. I had two days of failed heroics, which was made worse by the fact that it made me unable to complete the dailies which would have put me a good deal closer to exhalted with the Kirin Tor. Finally today I landed in a great group and we stormed through Utgarde Pinnacle, Drak, and HoL. The Emblems of Heroism are stacking up and I'm on my way to getting something other than Northrend quest rewards to wear.

After the heroics my guild teamed up with another small guild and we pulled off a ten man Kara run. Full clear in a little over an hour. No one got any upgrades but we mainly went because a large majority of people had never even been inside. I've got to say it was pretty cool.

Other than rep and emblems it's all about saving every last copper I can to finally get my epic flying. I also need to level up tailoring so I can use the epic speed magic carpet. I'm using the regular one that Rytes bought for me now and there is no way I could go back to flying on a dragon or some weird scorpid-lion... the magic carpet is where it's at.

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Devv said...

That thing... is pimp. I gots to get me a flying carpet with a quickness!