Thursday, December 11, 2008

Getting A Bit Discouraged.

I'm getting to that point. The point when you're max level and the only thing to do is grind for rep and gear. The point where you only see improvement in tiny increments instead of leaps and bounds as you level and obtain new spell ranks and loads of available gear. The point where the grass on the other side of every fence is looking a bit greener.

I see the videos and hear the stories of different classes soloing old school raids and bosses, meanwhile I have to find groups for mobs that are immune to my frost snares that are in the low 70's. I see hunters and DK's doing AoE pulls that rival and sometimes surpass my own. In heroics I often fall behind other classes in the DPS ranks. While gear is a factor it seems to be much more than that.

I've played many different classes and each seemed to have their own "thing". Those one or two things that made them stick out and seem to perform amazingly in various situations. As a class who is designed to do raw DPS and nothing else it stings a bit to see other classes right along side me while still retaining versatility.

I'm not asking for nerfs to be dished out to other classes and I'm not crying for buffs for my own. I'm not giving up playing a mage and I'm not switching to an alt. I'm just saying that sometimes it feels like I'm a one trick pony whose trick isn't as impressive as the others.


LarĂ­sa said...

I know how you feel but don't give up. Today they announced a buff for arcane mages. And the hunters are nerfed... I still have hope for the future!

Funeral said...

Yeah but they also announced a blizzard nerf! BAh!

Basil said...

It's time for an alt.

Not even the most die-hard fan of mages can only play a mage. Burnout isn't exactly an uncommon thing.

Pick a class, literally anything, and go have fun! There are 9 other classes out there, you don't have to only play a mage.

If mage truly is your calling, you'll be back raring to kill something in no time :)

Anonymous said...

Oh man, Mages do amazing dps in raids. Just watch.

Frostfire = ultimate win.

IrishDoom said...

Don't forget that DKs are way, way OP right now. :) As are BM hunters!