Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Blue Proto-Drake... and other less awesome things.

It's been a busy week of playing WoW. Chopping away at the heroics and saving my emblems has gotten me some nice purple upgrades. I've noticed an improvement in my performance since doing so, despite some of them only being slight upgrades. I guess I just need to get over the idea of huge gear upgrades and realize it's only going to come in small percentages at this point.

My guild had another get together last week. A nice potluck dinner which pretty much ended up being a hot wing buffet with homemade fudge on the side. I'm not complaining though, I took home enough food to feed myself for three days. As always it's awesome getting together with people in real life and talking about WoW. You get to see people actually get excited instead of exclamation points being tossed behind what they say.

The biggest day I've had so far has been today. I was running heroic UP, totally not even thinking about anything but the threat and dps meters when suddenly the blue proto-drake dropped. I got excited for a moment, but I have notoriously bad luck when it comes to rolls so I just hit need and looked away. Next thing I know I'm the proud owner of one of the coolest looking mounts in the game... not only that but one of the rarest. This is especially cool considering I was complaining a few days before about how the epic flyers you buy in SMV don't come in blue and I like keeping with my whole frost theme. Everyone is jealous and I'm the coolest kid on the block now.

I also managed to finally reach exhalted with Kirin Tor, which could have happened much sooner if I hadn't switched back and forth between them and Wyrmrest. I bought the epic robe from the KT vendor, which should suit me fine until I get tailoring up to make my Ebonweave or I happen to score an instance epic. Now only about 20k rep to go before I hit exhalted with Wyrmrest... sigh.

The funniest thing that happened today was when myself and Redstone (guildmember/GM of the guild) headed into Ironforge to get red winter clothes pattern for me. Before we ran in I took off all my gear, sticking it in my backpack, having heard that both it will prevent item damage and not... I figured might as well give it a shot. What I didn't realize was that doing this had filled my bag compeltely. When I got the vendor I was first confused by the offer of the Metzen quest, which I had already done... so we died.

Our second trip in was more amusing. Upon coming back to life I was attacked by guards, I ice blocked, opened the vendor, opened my bag... then I clicked an item in my bag, the very nice 81+ spell power ones to equip them and free up a slot. I then bought the recipe and died soon after. Then I realized that I hadn't equiped the pants, I had sold them to the vendor. So we ran back in.

The third and final trip I repeated the above process except I bought my pants back and began blinking towards the door. Two guards cornered me, I killed them and then restored myself to full health and mana. While I was doing this Redstone informed me that a level 13 warlock had attacked him on our previous run and had just rezed. I couldn't resist. I ran back in, set a single frostbolt at the warlock and dropped him. Then I was killed by everyone standing around.

All in all it was a pretty awesome day in WoW.

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Kammorremae said...

I loled at the part with the lvl 13 Warlock.

Once upon a time, I doing some zone PvP in City of Heroes, and I killed a Mastermind (pet class) with my AR/Nrg Blaster. I quickly made my way to the villain hospital, and sat across the street from it (literally). When the Mastermind stepped out, I queued up a snipe and pegged her, killing her instantly.

The poor girl was so upset that her VG leader contacted me moments later to ask why the Mastermind was crying in their Vent channel.

Also, gratz on the Drake. The "Need" button has gotten me into trouble too.