Monday, December 1, 2008

Riding In Style And Death To The Alliance.

Faced with shoddy internet service in Alaska and a crazy work schedule, Rytes managed to hit level 70. After which we headed out and got her a flying mount. We spent about an hour just flying around Outlands and exploring. We made the mistake of accidentally flying over an Alliance town which got us shot out of the sky and having to make a complicated corpse run. Other than that things went pretty smoothly. During the week I reached 77 and bought the cold weather flying skill. It's been really nice being able to avoid the pesky mobs I don't feel like bothering with and just go to where I need. It's also made exploration a bit easier.

As I was looking through my achievements I noticed that I hadn't earned the ones for completing the set number of quests in Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra despite having done every quest I came across. I knew I had to be missing some central hubs somewhere so I set out flying and sure enough I found them. Somehow I missed the entire D.E.H.T.A encampment in the Tundra and the ice islands off the coast of Howling Fjord. I finished up the tundra and have been working on finishing up the last twenty quests I need for the Fjord (man... 20 quests).

Yesterday afternoon as I was about to go to bed (my wife and I are night people and have both worked night shifts for years) I signed on my bank alt to check my auctions. As I was about to sign off I saw someone in trade chat say they were looking for a couple more people for a raid on the Alliance leaders. Figuring it would probably fall apart I told myself it wouldn't hurt to stay on for another half hour and see how it turned out. Well, it turned out that this PUG actually did clear all of the Alliance bosses and now I've got an awesome Black War Bear to ride around on, not to mention another five achievements checked off the list.

We hit Ironforge first and I was assigned to the one group tasked with killing and keeping the Alliance busy. Everything went off without a hitch at all four bosses except Stormwind, which was because half of us got left behind on the tram and so there was a wipe. Once we all rezed and pulled him things went smoothly.

The funniest part of the day is I have an addon that keeps track of my kos list. If I add someone to the list and they come on my screen the addon displays their name and the reason I've added them to the list. Well two days ago I got jumped by a pally while I was out questing. When I rezed and came back we literally had a five minute fight, which I won... but five minutes of 1v1 combat is crazy. We each had to use every trick in the book, but luckily I was better than him =). So as I'm standing in the doorway of the king of Stormwind there are no Alliance in view, but the group hunter says he sees some dots heading out way. Suddenly my addon displays "*pallys name* - The pally I fought for 5 minutes". What are the odds? Needless to say he died again.

We did Exodar last and someone noted that World Defense was saying that Silvermoon was under attack. As soon as we downed the space goat leader I opened a port to SM and all forty of us stormed through completely ruining the Alliance counter-raid. After that we made an ill-fated attempted at Sunwell, which was fun, but unsuccessful. Not bad for PUGin' it though.

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