Friday, October 10, 2008


All week long I've been annoyed that I'm not attending BlizzCon. Earlier this year I had serious plans to, but life got in the way. It probably wouldn't be bugging me so much if I was still living in Chicago because I could convince myself that it's just too far to travel. Now that I'm sitting in Portland Oregon I'm teased by the fact that while BlizzCon is still far away, it's only a straight drive south.

Being the podcast addict that I am I spent part of yesterday listening to Gnomewise and Grail from WoW Radio's Casually Hardcore as they broadcast live from their car. That's right, I listened to two guys on a road trip. I don't know if that makes me a pathetic individual or not, but I don't care. I enjoyed it. Although I did keep having strange ideas about finding them on the road and yelling at them from a car with a megaphone.

Today I'm listening to the live stream of the panels at BlizzCon thanks, once again, to the folks over at WoW Radio. I haven't heard anything groundbreaking or stunning yet, but it's been solid entertainment and discussion. I must say that some of the Blizzard art design team really know how to work a crowd, a few of the comments made were hilarious. I think my favorite was when a little kid asked about different skins for Druids and one of them responded with a deep growling voice "NEEEEVEEER!".

The Diablo III Gameplay panel just started so I'm going listen to that and go check on the roast I have in the slow-cooker.

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