Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stupid Achievements Distracting Me From Leveling.

The tenacious grip the achievement system has on myself and members of my guild is astounding. Normally during the prime-time we group together and try to bang out quests as fast as possible. It's all part of the rush to hit 70 before WotLK comes out and we have a lot of work to do seeing as most of us re-rolled on The Venture Co. to form this guild and we're starting from scratch.

Last night was different though. Instead of spending our valuable time earning experience and getting one step closer to end game we decided to turn back the clocks to a time when we were lower level... and a different faction. It was decided that we'd run the low level dungeons, but only the ones we hadn't yet, which meant Alliance territory dungeons, like Stockades in Stormwind.

While we stormed through Stockades and got our achievement in around four minutes it took us much longer to get there. Over an hour of running through the city, getting guard whacked, and corpse running was needed to pull it off. Now if you haven't done this let me tell you that the worst part is that the graveyard you're sent to as a Horde player is the Eastvale Logging Camp... which is practically on the border of Redridge. It's a long run... that we did about ten times.

After Stockades we did Deadmines, which was fun because I got to pull the entire ship. Then we did Gnomer which wasn't nearly as annoying as I remembered it, mainly because nothing aggro'd on us.

The plan today is for myself and Rytes to start chipping away at BG marks in preparation for our mounts at 60, which we are fast approaching. Sitting at level 56 for a day or two and letting guildies catch up goes against my usually "MORE MORE MORE!" philosophy, but it's for the best. Two levels from Outlands and our epic greens, four levels from 60 and the end of our recruit a friend triple experience bonus. Hopefully we can push through the final ten levels to 70 in the next two weeks.

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