Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun Times Doing Forgotten Content.

One of the biggest things my guild wants to accomplish is completing all of the old world content. Most of us have left behind high level characters, some with years of work put into them, to join up and play with other locals. Many of us never got a chance to finish the pre-BC content, but we've all agreed we want to. We aren't concerned with the loot that drops or even the new achievements, just that we want to taste every flavor of this game that has helped create virtual and real life friendships.

With myself and Rytes (my wife) hitting level 60 this weekend we wanted to start things off right. We headed into BRD and it took us several tried over the weekend to complete the instance. Last night would have been the end except that upon reaching The Lyceum and making it to the braziers Rytes and I noticed that our two guildies lost connection. They called our house a few minutes later to tell us their connection had died and Comcast reported there was an outage in their area and they were going to bed.

Tonight we picked it back up and dove back in. We had our strats down and nothing really posed a problem. It was pretty cool to see the entire instance and it really got us excited about getting through more of the forgotten content.

We even formed up a Zul'Gurub raid but only made it to Bloodlord Mandokir before our main tank had to go. Not bad considering that we only had two 70's, three 60's and the ten people in their mid-50's. I don't think any of the people in our guild had ever actually seen ZG before so it was awesome despite our many (yes many) wipes.

Other than that I've been hitting Outlands and enjoying the epic greens. It's crazy how much of a difference they are making when I do head back into Azeroth. I'm glad that Rytes is getting into the Outland content and we're actually reading the quest lines instead of hammering out way through to level. All in all it's been a fun couple of days in WoW.

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