Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Love The BlizzCon Polar Bear Mount.

I knew I wanted the mount from the time it was announced. The plan was to go to BlizzCon and get my hands on one, then that fell through. I still figured I'd have my shot by ordering the BlizzCon PPV on DirectTV though, but no, that too didn't pan out. Since BlizzCon I've been trying to convince myself that I didn't miss much and that listening to the audio of the panels is just as good... then I saw someone on the mount.

There I was heading to Wailing Caverns to work on fishing (damn those new achievements!) when the notice flew up that Crossroads was under attack. Nothing new there, but I figured if I joined in the fight I'd have a chance to /hug a corpse and mark off another achievement. I arrive and frostbolt a rogue, then I see this beautiful specimen go bounding past me. What distracted me more was that she was riding the BlizzCon mount. I mean how can you not love that? You've got a Murloc sitting there like a bobblehead on your dash.

As an avid pet/rarity collector in game things like this just make me think about all the items I'll never be able to get. Grrrr.

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