Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dual Boxing And Bound For Alaska.

My mage is currently sitting at level 65, about 150k xp from hitting 66. I easily could have leveled but Rytes and I have been a bit distracted. A couple of days ago we were running Strat with our guild, cleared everything up to the very end of the Scarlet side when we wiped without a soulstone. Not a big deal until we realized that there had been a full respawn. There was no way we were going to clear everything again just to kill the last boss.

Since then everyone has seemed a little burnt and not actually played much, except me. Last night I took the plunge and finally took the time to setup a dual box setup. There have been many times I've had Rytes auto follow me while I have her character running in my second monitor, but this is a real dual box setup. When I hit a key it registers to both characters, that kind of thing. It's pretty intense.

I rolled a double warlock setup, Firstlock and Secondlock. It took me about three hours to get my script working properly but now it's pretty much without flaw. I'm looking forward to leveling them with the RAF bonus. I'll be posting more about that as things get more interesting, although I can already say that I could easily see myself being a 5-boxer, if the accounts didn't cost so much.

In real life news my wife (Rytes) has received an offer to take a contract job at a hospital in the middle of Alaska. This means good money, but it also means that she'll be gone for 13 weeks. Gone for 13 weeks in the middle of Alaska... during the winter. Hopefully she will get internet access setup and be playing WoW again once she arrives. It will probably end up being our primary method of communication since our cell phone service doesn't work where she is going. I will probably end up going there with our son after she is settled. I can't really imagine us being apart for that long and her not seeing the baby. She just needs to go test the waters to see how much winter gear we must bring for our son to not freeze =).

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