Saturday, November 8, 2008

Portland Pot Stickers & UBRS

I love my guild, I really do. It's not because we've worked our way through end game content, it's not that we have a killer arena team, it's because we do things like get together in real life and make pot stickers. We did that last night and it was a really good time. Not only did everyone get to meet three of our newer guild members but we also made enough pot stickers to take home that I'll be able to survive off them while my wife is in Alaska. They are really good, but I haven't decided if that's because of the recipe or that our main tank cooked them well... I'll chalk it up to a group effort =).

What I like best about this guild is that everyone is cool in their own way. We're all very different to one degree or another, be it lifestyle or profession, but this one common interest and physical location brings together this group of people who spend hours laughing and talking.

As the party started to wind down it was decided that we should all run something together when we each got home. We decided on UBRS because it would hold ten people and the level range allowed for everyone to come along. We then realized that we didn't actually have the key to UBRS so we'd have to do LBRS first and get me the final gem I needed for the Seal of Ascension quest (because I already had the three other pieces).

What this process requires is that one person obtains four BoP items from inside LBRS, then takes them to an NPC inside the instance. At that point you must go to Dustwallow and beat up a dragon, place one of the pieces the NPC gives you on the ground, then use this orb he gives you to mind control the dragon and breathe fire on the item you've placed on the ground. We had a little bit of a problem here because when I finally got the dragon mind controlled there was no pet bar on my screen, meaning I couldn't breathe the fire. We tried again after I adjusted my UI and still no pet bar, finally I just had to disable all of my addons and gave it a shot. I got the dragon MC'd, breathed the fire but it didn't complete the quest. With only one charge left on the orb I was a bit worried and we couldn't figure out what was going wrong until I realized the process couldn't be completed if you were in a raid group... DOH!

With that all cleared up and the key (actually a ring) to UBRS in my inventory, the doors opened and we headed inside. Our full ten man raid group had everyone who was at the pot sticker party. Even our two level 45's who kept Rytes busy with rezing and the rest of us on our toes with their huge circle of aggro. As we got further through UBRS we talked on vent and and were all having a good time. At around 1am we started losing people due to the physical need for sleep. We ended up downing General Drakkisath with a six person group.

Hat's off to Redstone for tanking an instance he's never stepped foot inside. I'm looking forward to the next guild meet up (maybe bowling?) and now that we're all hitting the same level range, working our way through the BC and Wrath content coming our way.

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