Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zuramat The Annoyanator

The Violet Hold is driving me insane. I really enjoy the instance for the most part, having the same general style as BM, but it's really getting old that if my PUG wipes we've got to reset and do the whole thing from the beginning. It's not that I'm getting myself in bad groups or anything, perhaps a few people have been slightly under-leveled, but it's nothing we shouldn't be able to compensate for. The main reason I've yet to complete The Violet Hold is because of this jerk right here:

His name is Zuramat The Obliterator and he deserves that name. I've had a constant string of bad luck involving this guy. The first problem is that while in The Violet Hold you're randomly assigned some bosses to fight... we'll I've "randomly" had to encounter this guy every single time. The reason this guy is so tough is that he spawns these void orb things which AoE everyone in the party every single second. The only way to stop them is that one person in the party get a debuff which allows them to see the creatures holding the voids and kill them. That debuff lasts 15 seconds. Now the icing on the cake here is that not only have I had to deal with this fellow every time but that the debuff has gone to the healer in our group every time as well... which leads to us wiping.

If I got myself into some groups with higher level folks I'm sure we could DPS him down regardless of the AoE, but now it's a matter of principle. He must be destroyed.

Other than that I'm level 75 and kind of burnt on questing. I've done most of everything in the Tundra and the Fjord and am now settled in Dragonblight. Doing the instances instead of questing has slowed my progress but it's a nice change of pace. Hopefully my wife gets online tonight in Alaska and I can quest with her to get her caught up.


Herc said...

He's the hardest boss in that instance.

I've only met him twice in Heroic and yeah he is tough.

Only thing I could do was spam spell reflect which ended up killing the adds. We also had an enhance shammy which I dunno what he did but it helped out on healing.

Funeral said...

Spamming spell reflect is a great idea, I'll be sure to keep that in mind if we land a warrior for our groups. Honestly everyone running it was level 72-74 at the time, so like I said, a little under level.