Sunday, November 16, 2008

Made it to 70, gotta keep on trucking.

So much finished in so little time. Rytes left for Alaska so I haven't had much to do except hang out with our son and play WoW. I finally got my mage to 70, which was completely unexpected. It actually happened inside Ramparts, I was running some people through and didn't eve notice I was close to leveling and suddenly the achievement popped up. From there I headed out and got my flying mount, which is kind of disappointing. Not only because my gold savings took a significant hit, but because now I'll mostly be in Northrend where I can't use the mount anyway. I could have skipped buying it but it's one of those things you just HAVE to do when you hit 70.

Northrend is awesome and Howling Fjord is by far my favorite out of the two new starting areas. For the first time in nearly forever I'm actually reading the quests and getting into the story. Being on the front lines with my fellow Forsaken is great, I love getting to see the continuation of the whole new plague storyline that started way back in Brill.

I ended up getting invited to take a stab at Utgarde Keep about thirty minutes after I hit level 70. We ended up wiping about ten times, but that was mostly due to random puggers rotating through our group. None of us had ever been inside the instance before and had NO idea what the boss strategies were. While it was frustrating it was actually pretty cool. A nice change from knowing everything like the back of my hand, knowing when to stand where and so on. Having to actually learn the fights was fun, despite 15 gold in repair costs.

It is strange and kind of frustrating hitting 70 as the expansion comes out. Everything I've known or read about being 70, the rep grinds, the gear I should go for, the dailies... it's all changed for the most part. It's just ten more levels before I get to settle in and fine tune my character. I also have to start playing my wife's character so it doesn't end up too far behind, I hope I'm good at healing.

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