Friday, November 21, 2008

How WoW Made Me Love My Wife.

Since the release of Wrath playing WoW just hasn't been the same. The quests in Northrend are great, I've made great progress, the rewards are also pretty good, but I haven't been satisfied. The reason is that I've been playing alone. My wife, the Rytes/Rites to my Funeral, the heals to my dps, has been away in Alaska for work. The internet connection there is so bad WoW has pretty much been unplayable for her, which means I've been going at it alone.

At first it was a nice break to only worry about my quest objectives or where I wanted to go. There was freedom in being a lone wolf. Once I painfully adjusted to not having a priest with me all the time I was doing well and working my way up to 80. Then things just got lonely. Everyone in the guild was off doing different things, each little group of them leveling up and I was alone. I missed my wife.

Today she was actually able to log in and play for the first time since she left. It was the most fun I've had playing WoW since she has been gone. Yes, I was just helping her redo all the quests I've already completed but somehow it was different than before, I had a real understanding of why I liked playing this game with her to begin with... healz. =)

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