Thursday, November 13, 2008

In My Hands Is The Future of My Social Life...

It is mine! Yesssss! Miiiiiiine! Well, mine and a lot of other peoples. At first I was going to wait for the weekend or the following week to get my hands on WotLK, I figured I'd skip all the insanity and just be able to work my way through everything without being mobbed by people. Then last night the bug got me. I knew there were people out there about to head home with the expansion. Even the day before that I was running into people in 7-11's near my house looking for it because they read on WoW Insider that they were being sold early.

So shortly after midnight I began driving all over town looking for a copy with no luck. Everywhere was sold out or hadn't received their shipments yet. Finally I found a Walmart (ewww I know, trust me, I HATE Walmart) which was not open at midnight and opened at 7am. I knew that was my shot, they wouldn't be sold out and most people wouldn't be sitting outside at 7 am trying to get a copy. I headed up there and picked up two copies, one for me and one for Rytes.

We got home and installed and rolled up a couple of Death Knights. Having read almost nothing about DK's we still aren't used to the plays style, talents, or really where we're going with the classes. What I can say is that the DK starting area is amazing. It's simply brutal. At one point when we were instructed to kill peasants who screamed for mercy my wife commented that "she didn't like it"... which is awesome. Not that she wasn't enjoying playing, but that quest was just a bit too much for her.

We'll be playing a bit more today, but things need to get finished as she boards a plane for Alaska tomorrow at 3 pm. She'll be gone for three months for work and I'll be home alone with our son who is one year old. I'm either going to go insane from being lonely or I'm going to end up with 10 or so level 80's in all epics. We'll see.

What was funny is that during my search for WotLK I found myself attempting to recruit Portland locals for our guild. I explained to the guy working at Walmart that we have a good guild of all local people, gave him the server and our name. We'll see if word spreads, we need to get some more members... especially now that we're losing our main healer to the RL Northrend (Alaska) for an unknown period of time until she gets decent internet access and her computer shipped up there.

I'm going to miss you Ashley.

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